Upcycling: Finding Better Ways to Use Waste

Upcycling: Finding Better Ways to Use Waste

One of the causes that environment advocates has long been fighting against is irresponsible waste management and wasteful use of resources. Their recycling campaign has proved to be effective and most communities today have their own reuse and recycle practices. Another waste management campaign that has grown in popularity is Upcycling. This is the process of using old or discarded materials and transforming it to something that is useful or one that has more value.

The glamorous side of Upcycling can be found in works of art or fashion designs of known artists and designers. Some of these designers and their budding protégés even hold fashion shows that feature clothing made from materials like old seat covers or curtain showers, candy wrappers, tote bags, and other discarded items. As for Upcycling Art, there have already been numerous sculptures or figures of robots, animals, and other unique statues made from soda cans, old pipes, bike parts, and other hodgepodge of metal junks, that have been featured in shows and exhibits.

Upcycling isn’t just limited to the art community. Practical homemakers who make it a habit to repurpose goods that have exhausted their life span can be considered as Upcycling experts. It can be as simple as transforming an old jar into a decorative candle holder or transforming old ripped jeans into a small tote and using small excess fabrics as quilt materials. There are plenty of ways to upcycle, one can get ideas or inspiration from artists and fashion designers, practical moms, or even a frugal relative.

Movies like the Terminator and Astro Boy portrayed a future earth that sits upon loads of trash and waste products. If people continue to put little value in the things around them then that would be a likely scenario. Everyone has to do his part in keeping this planet green. We have to step up to the challenge of Upcycling and find ways to maximize the use of every item that is bought.

repurposed, upcycled mahogany, reclaimed
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  1. Thats very cute & inventive…

  2. I love these ideas, especially the boots! So cute!

  3. I try to upcycle when at all possible. I love what they did with the rubber boots.

  4. I upcycle as much as I can and am teaching my girls to as well.

  5. OMG!!! Those rain boot planter are just too cute. I would have never thought of that that. And it is a great idea for recycling.

  6. I love to up cycle and have actually made a few bucks out of it.

  7. Such great ideas! Especially love the growing plants in wellies!

  8. Not only functional,but beautiful colors as well.

  9. I love what you have done with the changing table. I try to upcycle when I find stuff but sometimes I feel like I am just not creative enough.

  10. I love how creative you are. I am a horder by heart yet I can’t seem to find ways on how to upcycle them!

  11. this is the best way to keep our earth from from pollution

  12. What a great idea! The boot plants look adorable! My kids would love it!

  13. I am going to show my mom this post. I know she will want to do the boot plant one. I recently started reusing things. This is cool!

  14. Those boot planters are too adorable!I’m all for upcycling! Besides greening the earth, it brings out the creativity in you!

  15. Love the boot idea and if you don’t have a fence they could be easily attached and removed to/from a balcony/railing in an apartment type situation.

  16. I love both the idea and creativity, plastic waste is a big problem of my country so far. Now I can utilize plastic waste become craft or something useful. Thanks for sharing.

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