Getting Rid of Household Pests - How to Do it Naturally

Getting Rid of Household Pests - How to Do it Naturally

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  • Getting rid of household pests naturally – top tips

Pests can cause a lot of damage to your home. For instance, rats can chew through electrical wire, and termites can undermine wooden structures, by gnawing away at them, from the inside out. You also need to consider the detrimental effect that pests can have on the health of people living in your home. Cockroaches can leave trails of bacteria wherever they crawl, and conditions such as salmonella can be spread by mice.

You can begin to see why ridding your home of pests is so important. But, what about the effects that pest control chemicals can have on the environment; is it a good idea for them to be used in your home? The good news is that professional pest control methods are safe, as long as you do as instructed by the experts, and that many professionals now specialise in green pest control. You can also try out some natural pest control in your home, before you seek professional help.


  • Natural methods of pest control that you can use in your home

If you want to try and control pests yourself, before calling the experts, here some natural solutions you may want to consider.

  • Spread food-grade Diatomaceous Earth around access points to you home. It causes problems with the exoskeletons of insects. These problems eventually cause the insects to die.
  • If you have a problem with ants or flies, you should try using mint leaves to deter them.
  • Something as simple as soap and water can be an effective tool for killing insects. Spraying the pests with a soap and water solution damages their exoskeletons and kills them.
  • If you have a termite problem in your property, you can use microscopic worms called Nematodes to deal with it. These worms will kill the termites that are present.

All of these methods can be useful in helping to deal with a pest problem. But, you may want to think about preventing the problem from occurring in the first place.

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  • Ways to prevent pests from becoming a problem

There are certain things you can do which make it less likely that pests will invade your home. There are no guarantees, but you can reduce the risk of a pest infestation.

  • Make sure that piles of leaves do not build up against the exterior walls of your home. A build-up of leaves can cause a pool of water to form. Pests such as termites love these damp conditions.
  • Keep shrubs and bushes at least one foot away from your home, so that they do not provide an easy means of access for pests.
  • Make sure that any gaps or cracks in the walls of your property are filled in.
  • Make sure that the kitchen in your home is kept clean, and dispose of any scraps of food.

If you take proper precautions, like these, you may find that you never have a problem with pests. If issues do occur, you can try the natural pest control methods we have mentioned. If you have problems getting rid of the pests, do not delay in seeking professional help. The experts will talk to you about the eco-friendliest way to clear your home of pests.

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