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  A home’s interior says a lot about the personality of the people who live in the house. It gives visitors a glimpse of the lifestyle, traits, and preferences of the owners which is reflected in the type of furnishings used, space utilization, care in its design, and the showcase of memories that go with each item within its walls. The overall look, using curtains or window blinds, using wood or concrete for floors, choosing the right colors are things homeowners should consider. Homemakers who decide to work on an interior design project for their own homes are embarking on a journey to express aRead More →

  Home is where the heart is. Home is where you want to feel cared for and pampered. Your home, after all, should be your castle. It is no wonder that people dream of having luxurious homes where they can relax their bodies and minds and indulge their senses. That’s essentially what differentiates luxury interior design from the standard off-the-book interiors. You do not need a mansion to have this kind of feeling in your home. Even apartments and townhomes can have a luxurious look and feel. The key is in the choice of materials in the components of the room as well as inRead More →

  In order for a small condominium to feel like home, giving attention to every part of it is essential. People who want to design and decorate their small condominiums need to find a way to make every room special that fit the theme that is wanted. Often, the rooms that get all the attention are living rooms and bedrooms. Kitchens, too, need attention because there is much work done in this area especially for families who love eating and entertaining. Great condominiums start with having functional and creative small condominium interiors, and this is where the help of an interior designer comes in handy.Read More →

  Before you think about hiring someone to redecorate your home or office, you have to first decide if what you need is an interior decorator or an interior design team. Interior designers manage the building project of a home or renovation while decorators typically provide the cosmetic touches and décor. An interior designer stays with the project until it is completely finished whether that means building a mansion from the ground up or simply adding on to your existing home. Before hiring an interior designer it is important that you do your homework. A bit of research into what designers are available in yourRead More →

image via Homeowners often face the dilemma of choosing between paint and wallpaper for their homes. These two options have almost equal advantages and disadvantages that can make it very difficult for one to decide. Paint is usually the preference for those are concerned about costs and practicality. It’s easy to apply and the job can even be finished by just one person. When it comes to maintenance not much is required from painted walls, simply scrub off or paint over stubborn dirt and stains. The wallpaper may be a bit more expensive and more tedious to maintain but it does have some edgeRead More →

 Image via Here’s a fact: being an interior designer means having one of the most rewarding, high-paying jobs most people aspire for. Many want a career in interior design as it allows the use of creativity and offers many benefits, including becoming your own boss. Perhaps this is one reason why most people choose to tread the path towards an interior design and decorating career to enjoy the freedom and financial returns that come with it. People who usually hire interior designers have the means to finance the decorating works ranging from simple to personalized, traditional to contemporary, and minimalist to luxurious. Being anRead More →

  Since the 13th century, oil paintings have been one of the most popular forms of art. Not only were they used to create images on material, but they were also great to decorate the interior of homes. Before oil paints became popular, artists and designers used tempera, mostly because they dried faster than their oil alternative. Throughout the 15th century, oil paints and tempera were used in conjunction to create a number of masterpieces, and a new style of painting was born. Surprisingly, it was not until the mid-17th century that oil paints were the most frequently used medium for artists, and the purerRead More →

  Other than being a decorative element in your home, an aquarium can also have therapeutic benefits. Homeowners and the rest of the people in the household can relax simply by watching the fish swim around in their own little world. Studies have already found various health benefits that result from keeping an aquarium at home. Some of those that were reported to have enjoyed a more relaxing feeling while observing fishes in an aquarium include hyperactive children and hypertensive adults. During stressful or overly active times, it is advisable that people stop and divert their attention to the aquarium. They can spend a fewRead More →

  Dirt and clutter is a homemaker’s nemesis especially during the wet season when kids often come home with mud soiled shoes. Maintaining a clean and organized home can be made easier by having a mudroom or a well structured entry hall in the house. A mudroom is usually a small space or room near the entrance of the house that can help homemakers limit the mud, dirt, and other outside elements from getting inside their homes. It is common for houses built in farms and snow-prone areas to have mudrooms built beside the kitchen or house entry, but some modern homes and apartments alsoRead More →

I am so eager to replace our current home furniture and some of our appliance.  Truth is, the stuff that we bought since we got married in 2003 are still very much in use and abused to date.  Hee hee.  They are still in good shape and does not warrant immediate replacement but there are days when I dream of a complete home renovation where we get brand new home appliance with matching contemporary furniture!  Okay, maybe not this soon but hopefully it’s not too far off, too. 🙂Read More →