I’ve got a new app installed in my Makoy today — Adobe Photoshop Elements for Mac! He he.  I just bought the download copy because it’s about 30aud cheaper than getting the actual package/CD copy.  I downloaded the trial copy a month ago and I enjoyed doing my digital scrapbooking stuff there.  I don’t need the CS series for it since I rarely (if not never) edit layers on my photos. So, I’m happy to have this today and I have a few photos in mind to do layouts for.  Happy!Read More →

With my Photoshop order still on ‘Waiting for Payment’ status on its 4th day, I phoned the customer service around 930am and spoke to a guy named Sam.  He said that he needs to verify with the Accounts department if they received my payment and that he’ll give me a call back. An hour later, I decided to ring him again and after four tries, I still got an automated message.  Even the status of the online support on their website shows OFFLINE when it’s still business hours!  I knew that something wasn’t right.  I thought that Sam is avoiding my call and placed theRead More →

The customer service representative from the software company emailed me back regarding my payment inquiry for my Photoshop order. The email says that bank to bank payments require clearing for three days and that I should check on the order status by Oct 23. Whew! That’s a relief to know. That only means I will receive my package next week! A few days short of my expected delivery date but that’s okay. At least I can relax now knowing that my online purchase is going smoothly so far.Read More →

I was monitoring my online order for my Photoshop software yesterday and was surprised that the payment status remained “Waiting for payment”. I made a bank to bank transfer because that’s the fastest way and that paying via credit card or paypal will entail additional costs. I felt nervous a bit and left a quick note on their contact page to inquire about this. I hope everything goes smoothly. I will check with them again midday today.Read More →

To date, I have over 6,000 Entrecard points and I don’t know what to do with all of it! He he. Two of my blogger friends launched blog contests and used their EC points as prizes. Now I’m thinking of a contest myself. Acck! It’s so hard to be creative in this area! Ideas are welcome! Thank you.Read More →

What better way to increase one’s vocabulary than by using a vocabulary software from vocaboly.com. From an extensive database of words and definitions, there are also tests and games that make learning words fun. The website offers a free trial download where you can access all of the software’s functions. It is interesting to note that this program has been awarded by the Shareware Industry Awards for Best Educational software. If my daughter shows interest in learning bigger words someday, I’ll definitely consider this educational program or games for her.Read More →

Guess what?  I finally dropped my order of a real-deal Photoshop software last night!  Woot!  I had second thoughts at first because it is my first time to purchase software online but I did quick checks about the company on the net and customer feedbacks are favorable.  I hope to receive the box later this week!  I can’t wait!Read More →

At this moment, my internet connection is c.r.a.w.l.i.n.g. I can sing a love song before I can save a blog post. Nope, we haven’t reached the download quota for the month (it’s pretty weird coming from Singapore where we don’t need to worry about such things). The problem is with our ISP. This happens every now and then and it’s pretty frustrating. Thankfully, our contract ends next month and we’re planning to move to another internet service provider.Read More →

Since I started shooting in RAW rather than JPG format, my laptop’s disk space only has 28.5 GB left. Although I create back-ups to an external hard disk, I plan to buy additional hard disks to move the huge files there. So as soon as I have the new disk ready, I will free-up some space then I will proceed to reformat the laptop to hopefully address the memory issues.Read More →

Finding information like names, addresses or phone location is made easy with an area code finder. With a few clicks on the searchareacodes.org website, you can also get a free reverse phone look up with just about any phone number. Have I mentioned that this service is free? Well, you can’t emphasize that enough.Read More →