It has taken a while for people to start taking environmental issues seriously. But now that there are plenty of practical options for green living, it becomes a lot easier to get into an eco-friendly lifestyle. Most modern homes already have green technology features that allow them to save on energy costs and help save the environment as well. An eco-friendly blueprint may include solar powered lights and appliance, use of non-toxic and biodegradable paint, and polished concrete flooring. The last item often requires the services of a contractor and would therefore need some careful thought before having any work done. Here are some pointsRead More →

  Individuals who want to turn their homes into a green or eco-friendly one may find themselves faced with a challenging project. This may entail a lot of changes in both the physical environment and the lifestyle of a person, particularly if one has just started getting into the green habit. There should be a conscious effort to ensure that every product you use and that every choice you make is aligned with your eco-friendly home objective. To make it easy for the whole family, one can simply begin “greening” their home from the outdoors. Working on your garden is a good place to startRead More →

There are several reasons why property owners should consider having a well lit outdoors. One is to make it easier for guests and residents to navigate the walkways and avoid accidental falls. Another is to provide additional security for the house because outdoor lighting eliminates shadows around the house. These are areas that can be used as hiding places for criminals. It can also bring out the beauty of the garden or front lawn during night time, thereby adding value to the house. Well chosen lights can deliver all these benefits while saving on energy and protecting the environment. Here are some eco-friendly options forRead More →

One of the many things I never got around to do before leaving Sydney for the holidays is to finish my document filing.  It is now 2″ thick and by the time we get back, 1″ should add to it.  Uggh.  Those insurance quotes and marketing brochures and fliers add to the burden, if I can call it that.  I still have to check and sort them before I officially toss them into the trash bin.  This chore is just getting into me.Read More →

Every Tuesday is waste collection day in our suburb.  There is a calendar released by the council which dictates what type of waste (i.e. recyclable, compost, garbage) will be collected.  The bins are made of durable plastic material and are not stainless steel drums, which makes rolling them on the pavement out on the streets easier.  The collectors usually arrive early in the morning to make their rounds in the suburb.Read More →

We have received confirmation yesterday that our rental application has been approved. The planned move is next week and there are so many little details that need to be ironed out. Despite that, we’re happy that we finally got a major task done and that is securing a new place for us. We felt a bit nervous after we received the custom congratulatory message from our new agent. We have lived in a unit (condo type) for seven years and we are keeping an open mind about the responsibilities that go with living in a house. The effort to maintain it, responsibility in clearing theRead More →

Apart from the junk emails we receive everyday, we also get at least five junk mails every week. The usual ones we receive are brochures for properties, house cleaning, car cleaning services and auto insurance quotes. For us, more often than not, those mails go straight to the trash bin. Instead of spending a good sum of advertising money for that, those companies should advertise on the paper or Internet instead. I think it is more cost effective.Read More →