Image via When you are looking at remodeling rooms in your home, you may be considering using tile for the floors, the backsplash, or even for the walls. While tile can be a difficult installation, it can be a beautiful decoration piece in each room. However, choosing good-looking tile can be challenging simply because there are so many generic or industrial tiles out there. You need to have the opportunity to shop for tiles that look nice, actually have some color to them, and look great in each room. At ABL Tile Centre, you will find there are thousands of choices of tiles inRead More →

  Tile flooring has been a popular flooring choice for centuries, and for good reason. Tile flooring has a timeless beauty that looks great in virtually any home! Not only is tile flooring aesthetically beautiful, but many other qualities exist which make tile flooring the perfect flooring choice for your home: Ceramic tiles are a natural product, making tile flooring environmentally friendly. Tile flooring is durable, and can outperform and outlast many other flooring choices. Tile is stain, odor and dirt resistant, making maintenance easy. Some tile flooring is extremely resistant to scratching, depending on the grade. Tile flooring comes in a plethora of colors,Read More →

It has taken a while for people to start taking environmental issues seriously. But now that there are plenty of practical options for green living, it becomes a lot easier to get into an eco-friendly lifestyle. Most modern homes already have green technology features that allow them to save on energy costs and help save the environment as well. An eco-friendly blueprint may include solar powered lights and appliance, use of non-toxic and biodegradable paint, and polished concrete flooring. The last item often requires the services of a contractor and would therefore need some careful thought before having any work done. Here are some pointsRead More →