image via Many people think a loft and an attic are the same; these are not. While both areas are perched under the roof of a house, you should never confuse one for the other. An attic is an enclosed space (confined just like a typical room in the house), complete with a door. In contrast, a loft is an open space. You probably have one in your house. If you do, consider yourself fortunate. Since a good storage space is at a premium these days, having a loft can be very practical. In fact, many people use their lofts to store clutter theyRead More →

Image via Storage areas are essential elements in keeping the house clean and organized. Household items that are rarely used are usually placed in the attic, garage or basement; personal items go to the closets; and food supplies stay in the kitchen cupboards and refrigerator. But since the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, you may want to think about upping the cupboards with an efficient pantry. This is a small room designed for storing food and kitchen provisions, usually with a clean and organized look that makes it convenient to find items or make an inventory of supplies. A pantryRead More →

Image  via Doing the laundry is not always among the most favorite household chores.  The laundry room is often a hodgepodge of items that are not necessarily laundry related.  This makes the chore all the more unpleasant to do.  The fact is that your clothes are not disposable and you have to face the reality that you need to do your laundry.  You might as well make it a more pleasant experience by organizing and fixing your laundry room in such a way that you actually feel comfortable in it. You will be surprised at how a few organizational tools and accessories can makeRead More →

  History has shown that hidden doors and secret rooms were used in castles, manors, and other residences of royalties and noblemen. These rooms are usually built to provide a means of escape from enemies and attackers, or allow residents to get in and out of the house unobserved. Secret rooms were also used to provide refuge to those who were in hiding, to store smuggled goods and to hold illegal activities. The uses of secret rooms in the past were colorful and reserved for the wealthy. Nowadays, hidden doors and secret rooms are built for privacy, space saving, and decorative purposes. A person doesn’tRead More →

  Reading is an activity that I look forward to everyday. This is something that I do to relax even for just a few minutes away from my daily chores and errands. For me, my reading nook is the best corner in the house. It’s like I’m in my own cocoon when I am in my nook. You can also have your own nook to escape to when you feel like burying your nose in a book. Your choice of where to locate your reading nook would depend on your own preferences. Some would prefer to have a place that’s isolated from the rest ofRead More →

  Whether you are setting up your home office or furnishing a business location, you need to make sure that you invest on the right kinds of computer tables. These tables are not ordinary tables. Modern furniture technology follows the principles of ergonomics in the design and construction of these tables. While you can easily find a DIY carpentry design plan for a coffee table online, the construction of computer tables is not exactly that simple. You have to take into consideration the type of computer that is going to be placed on it and the person who is going to use it. For yourRead More →

  Dirt and clutter is a homemaker’s nemesis especially during the wet season when kids often come home with mud soiled shoes. Maintaining a clean and organized home can be made easier by having a mudroom or a well structured entry hall in the house. A mudroom is usually a small space or room near the entrance of the house that can help homemakers limit the mud, dirt, and other outside elements from getting inside their homes. It is common for houses built in farms and snow-prone areas to have mudrooms built beside the kitchen or house entry, but some modern homes and apartments alsoRead More →

Cleaning the children’s bedroom seems like an impossible task for parents with young kids around. Kids who are still learning to pack away or clean up their stuff have a talent for making a room in a perpetual state of mess. The number of children in the house doesn’t seem to make much of a difference when it comes to managing the mess. Parents who only have a single child also face the same challenge in keeping the child’s room tidy. Luckily there are tools or strategies that one can use for maintaining a clean and organized children’s bedroom. Here are some tips that areRead More →

We have been re-arranging stuff in our house for the past two days.  We had to make a clutter-free playroom for our little girl and that means taking out heaps of toys and placing them elsewhere.  There is so much sorting, throwing away, packing and lifting going on and I can feel my back strain again.  If I could only take testoripped supplement to give me that energy boost I need.  But then, I might grow a mustache and lots of nose hair after. Ha!Read More →