You are looking at the future of gardening right there! This UFO looking AeroGarden appliance here is perfect for growing little veggies in your very own kitchen. It comes in different styles and shades, too! The price is kind of steep though, 279AUD a piece! But even if the price is right, I’d still choose to dirty my hands with real soil and get the satisfaction out of doing real gardening. I wonder if Better Homes and Gardens will feature this in their show?  Read More →

We have been dreaming of owning a huge plasma TV since we were still in Singapore. One thing that always holds us back from buying one is that we don’t have our own place yet. It will be hard to move a highly sensitive TV from one place to another. Hopefully, in a few years’ time, when we have our own home, we’d be able to buy the HD Plasma TV of our dreams. I’m sure by then, Amelie would want to have an accompanying Wii to play with. Hee. This Panasonic Viera HD TV is what I am dreaming of having in our futureRead More →

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to surf the net while you’re sipping a fresh drink by the pool or on the beach without worrying about the sun’s glare? This lapdome is just so cool! Maybe those photographers or videographers lugging their computers with them while on an outdoor shoot should have one of these.Read More →