As the weather gets colder, it’s not just the worry of having to wrap up warm and crank the thermostat up a notch or two that you need to consider. The winter months bring their own set of problems to the water system in your home, with frozen pipes, leaks and burst pipes being a common occurrence for homeowners all over the country. The key to avoiding such issues is to make sure that you’re prepared. There are plenty of ways in which you can make sure that, during this winter season, you’re not facing any expensive hiccups and repair work; instead, you canRead More →

image via According to Fire and Rescue Service, about 270 people die in fire accidents each year. At this age, it is surprising that there are still homes without smoke, heat or fire detectors in their homes. There are many types of fire alarm systems ranging from simple and cheap systems to very complicated and expensive systems. With a broad range of choices, it is unthinkable why certain homes give this device little importance. Let us take a sweeping review of the different types of fire alarm systems. Automatic alarm systems are designed to detect unwanted presence of fire, or anything that denotes itsRead More →

  According to the crime statistics from the FBI Uniform Crime Report, more than 240 burglaries occurred every hour in the United States just a few years ago. That averages to one burglary every 14.6 seconds. Don’t think you’re at risk because you live in a safe suburban neighborhood or rural area? Think again. The shocking truth is that few burglaries are the work of professional thieves like you see in the movies. Instead, the majority of burglars are actually teenage boys who live within a few miles of targeted homes, according to the Washington Post. Here are a few home improvement projects you canRead More →