I have shared in my personal blog that we really like the apartment we’re renting now. The neighborhood is pretty quiet. I’m so glad that we made this move. We had so much apprehension in moving into a landed property before because we have stayed in an apartment unit for so long. But so far, things are going smoothly. In the event that we buy our own property someday, we are convinced that a landed property is a better choice. Our daughter loves the small garden we have at the back. Imagine if it was bigger and she has more areas to explore. There areRead More →

We didn’t hear from the property agent today, which could likely mean that we didn’t get the apartment unit we applied for over the weekend. Would you believe that I even had a dream about it last night? I guess my subconscious was on overdrive and it shows how much I want to move to a different rental property. With this development, I started checking for available rental properties online again. I saw this nice house up for rent but with no viewing schedule posted yet. The garden is well trimmed and the veranda has antique wood patio furniture. If we end up renting theRead More →

You are looking at the future of gardening right there! This UFO looking AeroGarden appliance here is perfect for growing little veggies in your very own kitchen. It comes in different styles and shades, too! The price is kind of steep though, 279AUD a piece! But even if the price is right, I’d still choose to dirty my hands with real soil and get the satisfaction out of doing real gardening. I wonder if Better Homes and Gardens will feature this in their show?  Read More →